Two new Drive posters showcase Ryan Gosling: Action Star

After seeing Ryan Gosling’s ridiculously ripped self in CRAZY STUPID LOVE, the idea that the kid could turn out to be an action hero isn’t that far fetched. Remember when we saw Matt Damon make the leap into the Bourne franchise? Damon? An action star? Get out of town. And we remember how that turned out.

Gosling’s effort to do something similar is DRIVE, a film where he plays a stunt driver by day, and getaway man by night, and must kick some ass to protect his neighbor from criminal scum. The trailer was pretty damn amazing, and this isn’t getting a whole lot of press, but it’s cast boats Carey Mulligan, Albert Brooks, Bryan Cranston, Oscar Isaac and Christina Hendricks in addition to Gosling and is out quite soon on September 16th.

Check out two new posters for the feature below which have a decidedly retro feel. One’s in Spanish, but you get the idea. See them bigger at the Pimpin Poster Palace.

Source: Pimpin' Poster Palace

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