Ulli Lommel revives his franchise with Boogeyman: Reincarnation

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

German filmmaker Ulli Lommel has nearly sixty directing credits to his name, but by far his most popular film is the 1980 supernatural slasher THE BOOGEYMAN, to which two sequels were made: 1983's BOOGEYMAN II/REVENGE OF THE BOOGEYMAN and 1994's RETURN OF THE BOOGEYMAN, neither of which he was the credited director on, although they largely consisted of stock footage from the first movie.

More than twenty years after the trilogy was capped off, Lommel is returning to the helm for a BOOGEYMAN reboot entitled BOOGEYMAN: REINCARNATION, a film which will have a bit of an international flavor – not only was it filmed at locations around Germany and in Edmonton, Canada, but Lommel also co-wrote the script with a Canadian writer, David Bond, and a writer based out of Ireland, Colin McCracken.

The concept Lommel, Bond, and McCracken came up with:

Tracing the origins of one of the most vindictive supernatural killers, BOOGEYMAN REINCARNATION spans generations, lands and time itself to present a riveting and haunting experience.

A terrible crime echoes through the ages, as the souls of the condemned pay an eternal price for their vicious acts upon the innocent. With classic sensibilities and a contemporary feel, BOOGEYMAN REINCARNATION is the spawning of a new era. 

Be sure to check under your bed! 

THE BOOGEYMAN never really appealed to me, but I know the original film has a fan base out there that will likely be very glad to see Lommel making a new installment in the series. REINCARNATION is described as "the first chapter in a new legacy of terror", so obviously the director has plans for his BOOGEYMAN creation to continue terrorizing people for some time to come.

The cast of BOOGEYMAN: REINCARNATION includes Skylar Radzion, Laurence Harvey of THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2, Tristan Risk of AMERICAN MARY, and Ulli Lommel himself.

Tristan Risk

Source: Fangoria, Hollywood-Action-House

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