Uwe Boll can die now

I used to just dislike Uwe Boll’s movies but after seeing some promo clips for his upcoming action/comedy POSTAL, I think I legitimately hate the guy now. Like a personal hatred. There’s a scene in particular from the movie, shown below, that features a window cleaner on one of the towers of the World Trade Center as United 175 crashes into it. Shown in graphic detail. For comedic effect. He apparently got sick of being unintentionally funny and now is trying to be so-bad-it’s-funny and even that’s not working. How is this not causing more of an uproar. Oh, because it’s Uwe Boll and no one gives a shit about his shit movies. Congratulations Uwe Boll, you’re officially a douche. Oh and go fuck yourself. (Thanks to JoBlo.com reader Jared for writing in with the clip.)

Source: YouTube

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