Director Uwe Boll rants about Kickstarter & more in expletive-laced videos

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

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Uwe Boll is very done with crowdsourcing to help fund his movies. In 2013, the ALONE IN THE DARK and BLOODRAYNE director tried to get a sequel to POSTAL made through Kickstarter, but it was canceled the same year, and recently he's been trying to raise funds for RAMPAGE 3. The project was originally being funded through Indiegogo, however he moved it to Kickstarter after not being able to build interest for the planed film.

But things aren't going well for RAMPAGE 3 at Kickstarter either, and yesterday Uwe Boll uploaded a couple of videos where he goes off on crowdsourcing sites, movie fans and Hollywood stars like George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Are there a couple of nuggets of truth buried in his f-bomb filled, NSFW rants? Perhaps, but there's no need to tell us (the moviegoers) to go f*ck ourselves because we don't want to support his films. Boll claims he's finished with Hollywood, but he'll be fine though, since he apparently has enough money to play golf until he is dead. If RAMPAGE 3 is so important to Mr. Boll, maybe he should just use some of that golf cash for the project instead of asking people for money. Just a thought.

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