Vampires lose their bite in Jim Wynorski’s The Last Revenants

Last Updated on July 21, 2021

Fans of B-movies are probably already well acquainted with the works of prolific filmmaker Jim Wynorski, who has directed around 100 films over the last thirty-two years, including the classic CHOPPING MALL and the upcoming SHARKANSAS WOMEN'S PRISON MASSACRE. The man has put a lot of awesomeness out into the world, and if you want to learn more about him I highly recommend checking out the 2009 documentary POPATOPOLIS.

Wynorski will be earning his next directing credit with a film entitled THE LAST REVENANTS, which is scheduled to begin filming on March 19th. He'll be working from a script by Scott C. Sanford and Ron R. Anand that has the following synopsis: 

The vampire population has become virtually extinct, except for four female vampires. Through time, they have lost the ability to turn victims into vampires and have become almost fully human, yet still have the need to feed and satisfy their vampire urges. As a result, they must integrate into society and hunt as a team to survive. Due to their integration, they start to express human feelings of love and companionship. But there may be a way to save their species. With the help of a mad scientist, they will try to procreate with humans to keep the species alive and restore their past prowess. However, the strong love and companionship they've developed may force them to stay as mortal humans, instead of going back to being immortal vampires.

Sounds like subject matter that Wynorski will really be able to sink his teeth into.

You can usually expect Wynorski films to feature a bevy of busty women, and a glance at the IMDb cast list indicates that THE LAST REVENANTS will be no exception. Names listed on there include Cindy Lucas, Debbie Rochon (pictured in the thumbnail), Suzi Lorraine (above), Max Wasa, Dani Thompson (below), Sheri Davis, and Rachael Robbins. Paula Labaredas and Baylee Curran have previously been said to be involved with the project as well.

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