A madman stalks an actress in the horror short Fade Out! Watch it here!

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

We're continuing our horror short film showcase today on our JOBLO HORROR VIDEOS channel with James Abney's and Josh Moskowitz's kick ass horror short FADE OUT which stars the talented Cara Manuele Norris and Dan Frederickson. Click the embed above to give it a stab!

Written by James Abney and Directed by Abney and Josh Moskowitz, here's what their short film is about!

"Fade Out" is written along the lines of films like "You're Next" and "The Final Girls." The story is about an actress in her late twenties named Marcie who's considering the idea of pursuing a different career, given her experience with low budget projects with no pay. When her friend refers her to an easy, paying gig, Marcie decides to give it one more go before calling it quits for good. When crew begins to go missing, unbeknownst to the inexperienced director, her only option is to begin to investigate the disappearances. But when the killer finally reveals himself, she's forced to become the cliché "final girl" in real life and lead the remaining crew and talent to safety. Now, with time running out, Marcie must escape the fateful cabin alive, or she will die doing what she hates most in the world; acting.

Abney on how the short came out what's coming up next!

I’ve been working in unscripted television the past seven years with my producing partner Josh Moskowitz, and experiences ranging from dealing with self-indulgent directors to fulfilling unreasonable demands for talent are what inspired our project “Fade Out.” With our love of horror films we felt combining both worlds would make a really fun and unique story, in addition to giving fans a glimpse of how these films are made behind the scenes.

We filmed the opening scene as a short film/proof of concept and have recently been submitting it into festivals with plans of securing funding to complete the entire feature film.  The feature screenplay won Best Horror Comedy Screenplay at the 2019 Boobs and Blood Festival and is a finalist in the 2020 Houston Comedy Film Festival and 2020 Austin Comedy Short Film Festival.  In addition to this project, we are currently shopping around a romantic comedy screenplay and are currently working on another horror project while we both continue to work in the world of unscripted television.

Zak Cordova was the director of photography on Fade Out, Jesse Walker was Assistant Cameraman while Trevor Broomhall was the Audio Supervisor, Tom Duarte the sound mixer and Afton Williams was on Hair/Makeup.

James Abney and Josh Moskowitz can be contacted here and here! Scroll down to peep some behind the scenes pictures and the two other shorts that we've showcased so far. While on the topic, we received countless horror shorts submissions but just because you didn't hear from us yet, doesn't mean your short won't be featured down the road. It's a process! 

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