The Gate, Movie Sounds & More: Scary Studies explores Horrors in the Wall!

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

A new episode of the SCARY STUDIES series has just been released on our JoBlo Horror Videos channel and we're pretty excited about it! In this one writer/narrator Cody Meirick, director of the Scary Stories documentary takes a look at stories that have been told about monsters in the walls – including the films THE PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS and THE GATE (a childhood favorite of mine).

MONSTER IN THE WALLS 101: "Fears come from common occurrences that we share. And one of those are unexplained sounds in the night. Strange noises are often a starting place for many of the scary stories we tell ourselves. The dark is scary because we can still hear things out there. Here we examine folk tales from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and two films that explore the sounds we hear in the walls late at night, The Gate movie and The People Under the Stairs."

With the SCARY STUDIES series, Meirick aims to delve into the stories, the films, and the meanings behind the scary stories we tell ourselves. Check out the new SCARY STUDIES video above, and our past episodes below! Please let us know that you want us to continue this series via WATCHING and SHARING!

Source: Arrow in the Head

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