Viva los subtítulos! Assassin’s Creed’s historical scenes filmed in Spanish

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

You know, not going to lie, sometimes I get a bit miffed when people write articles or say things like "Will ASSASSIN'S CREED be the first good videogame movie?", or "Will there ever be a good videogame movie?". Because, I'm just like, did you not see MORTAL KOMBAT or SILENT HILL? Hell, I'd consider SILENT HILL a good movie – beyond just good videogame movie – with effective acting, nice scares, and great production design. And MORTAL KOMBAT is just badass (and that theme song gets me so pumped I could punch everything). I mean, I enjoy STREET FIGHTER in all its Van Damme goofiness, thought there was some good stuff in the uneven WARCRAFT, and even have some fondness for the (rightfully) maligned SUPER MARIO BROS. But I'll actually go to bat for MORTAL KOMBAT and SILENT HILL as good movies.

But it seems things are hopefully getting better when comes to videogame adaptations. ASSASSIN'S CREED looks fun and badass, and with Oscar nominated Michael Fassbender in the lead role, it lends the project some gravitas. Adding to that is a tidbit from an interview in Total Film where director Justin Kurzel (MACBETH, also starring Fassbender) told them that the historical scenes were actually filmed in Spanish and subtitled, saying:

We did play around with English as well, but it was really obvious what you wanted as soon as you went back and started speaking beautiful Spanish. It really adds an exoticness and richness to the film. 

Personally, I think that's really cool to have all the historial scenes be in Spanish. It adds authenticity to the scenes, and it creates an even more obvious break from the modern scenes (where Fassbender's character is in some weird future prison) and those involving the assassins during the Spanish Inquisition. The only thing that sucks is it seems the movie is going to be split unevenly between the modern and historical scenes, and that it will focus more on the modern stuff (i.e. the shitty parts of the game) and less on the cool fighting during the past. Hopefully they'll find a way to make it work.

ASSASSIN'S CREED, also starring Marion Cotillard and Brendan Gleeson, will be released in theaters December 21, 2016

So you guys excited? And favorite videogame movie? 

Source: Total Film

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