Tony Scott Tribute: One of the Best Action Directors of All-Time?

Tony Scott is one of the directors responsible for the modern blockbuster. In his time, critics widely dismissed him for combining rapid-fire editing with ultra-stylized visuals, which they said was the so-called “MTV aesthetic” (like that’s a bad thing). Ten years after his death, he’s considered one of the greatest action directors ever, with a widespread critical re-evaluation of his work in the wake of Top Gun: Maverick‘s success. Indeed, for those of us who loved him when he was alive, the fact that he’s great isn’t news, and in this episode of We Remember (written by Mathew Plale, edited by Juan Jimenez, and narrated by Travis Hopson), we pay tribute to the man and his work.

Top Gun, True Romance, Crimson Tide, Man on Fire, The Last Boy Scout, the list goes on and on. Scott was a master at placing audience members inside his movies, permitting them to feel the heat of every moment. His passing sent shockwaves throughout the Hollywood community. Still, his contributions to the medium live on in the characters he helped bring to life and people who bought a ticket for every wild ride. Scott had a style all his own that many have tried to emulate, and we aim to celebrate his genius here in our latest video. Let us know your favourite Tony Scott movie in the comments below.

Our Tony Scott tribute is written by Mathew Plale, narrated by Travis Hopson, edited by Juan Jimenez, produced by Taylor James Johnson and Chris Bumbray, with Berge Garabedian executive producing.


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