Wesley Snipes to return to his villainous ways with Payline heist thriller

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Wesley Snipes, Payline, Dawn's Light

Simon says to put DEMOLITION MAN actor Wesley Snipes back in the spotlight. Now Simon says to give the man a role that will showcase his talent for being bad, and I don't mean in a "straight to the bargain bin" at Walmart sort of way. I'm talking about straight-up villainy. Are you picking up what I'm putting down? Good. Because Simon says it's time for Snipes to return to doing what he does best … being the bad guy.

Dawn's Light, the studio behind such features as ALTITUDE, BLACK WATER, and TRAGEDY GIRLS hs tapped BLADE and NEW JACK CITY alum Wesley Snipes to star in PAYLINE, an upcoming heist thriller from producers Richard Switzer and Jason Cherubini. Billed as a Frankenstein's love child between OCEAN'S 11 and FREE FIRE, the story of PAYLINE centers on a small-town casino that turns into a battleground after two groups of criminals attempt to rob it on the same night.

Snipes will star as the leader of a group of ex-soliders hellbent on being the ones to claim the casino's winnings. The role will be Snipes' first time lacing up his bad guy boots since starring as Simon Phoenix opposite Sylvester Stallone and Sandra Bullock in the 1993 sci-fi action classic DEMOLITION MAN. Snipes will also executive produce the project under his Maandi House Studios label, alongside Alexander Ferguson. Alan Unger will also produce with Switzet and Cherunini.

As a part of the film's production, PAYLINE plans to use sustainable methods that will ensure the project is an environmentally friendly endeavor. In essense, Snipes and his team are out to prove that you don't need an inflated budget to run a "normal" production. 

“This is a vehicle to demonstrate the next generation of indie filmmaking in a 5G powered world,” said Snipes in a statement. “It is our goal to show how a 100 percent Certified Renewable Energy film production can show love for the environment, community and still produce a kick-ass popcorn movie.”

To which Cherubini added, “As we look to develop the next generation of media content, we know that it doesn’t just need to be diverse and exciting, but its production must support and protect the communities where it’s created.”

I must admit that I'm rather intrigued by Snipes' money-conscious project, and especially the part about his playing the villain, once again. It's been too long since I've seen that sadistic twinkle in his eye. Here's hoping that PAYLINE a return to form for the WHITE MAN CAN'T JUMP actor, and perhaps the beginning of a new and villainous era for the man who made DEMOLITION MAN's Simon Phoenix such a memorable bastard of pop culture.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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