Winners Tape All gets a March 23rd VOD/DVD release

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

A few months ago, we shared the trailer for director Justin Channell's WINNERS TAPE ALL: THE HENDERSON BROTHERS STORY, which gives a Christopher Guest-style mockumentary treatment to the '80s shot-on-video horror era. We now know what the distribution plans for the film are, as Channell has announced that he will be releasing it on VOD and DVD through his Brainwrap Media label on March 23rd.

WINNERS TAPE ALL tells the story of 

the films “The Curse of Stabberman” and “Cannibal Swim Club.” These straight-to-VHS ‘80s horror films were created by two stepbrothers Michael Henderson and Richard Henderson (played by Channell’s frequent collaborators Zane Crosby and Joshua Lively) and later gained a cult following. 

A VHS collector and horror fan named Henry Jacoby (Chris LaMartina, director of “Call Girl of Cthulhu”) rediscovers the films and seeks out the creators, leading to the first on-camera interviews with the Henderson brothers. However, as they look back on their work, they discover they may not be as great as they remembered.

If you decide to go the digital download route to watch WINNERS TAPE ALL, you will have two options to choose from. The movie will be available on its own for $5, and there will also be a $10 deluxe package that will include 18 minutes of outtakes, HD versions of the Henderson brothers' movies (which are presented in VHS quality within the mockumentary), and an audio commentary by fictional character Michael Henderson.

All of the deluxe package special features will be included on the DVD release. Channell is also working on a limited VHS and Blu-ray pack.

If you're interested in purchasing WINNERS TAPE ALL, head over to Channell's site at

I got an early look at WINNERS TAPE ALL and would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys the films of the SOV era, especially if you have some filmmaking experience yourself. There's a lot of truth about no-budget horror filmmaking in this.

Source: Arrow in the Head

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