Wright, Keough, Skarsgard, and more join Jeremy Saulnier’s Hold the Dark

Last Updated on July 21, 2021

Jeffrey Wright

We are now just weeks from the start of production on HOLD THE DARK, the fourth feature film from director Jeremy Saulnier (MURDER PARTY, BLUE RUIN, GREEN ROOM), and an impressive cast is starting to assemble for the project.

Macon Blair, who has been involved with all of Saulnier's films, has written the screenplay for the film, which is based on the novel by William Giraldi and is set in 

a remote Alaskan wilderness in which wolves have taken and killed children. A wolf-expert biologist is called in to investigate, but finds himself in between a secret-harboring mother, who disappears, and her husband, who goes on a maniacal spree when he returns from Iraq and learns of his son’s death. White, cold snow runs red with hot blood.

Filling the roles mentioned in the synopsis are Jeffrey Wright as the biologist, Riley Keough as the mother, and Alexander Skarsgard as the father. They are joined in the cast by James Badge Dale as a detective on the husband's trail and James Bloor as a creepy drifter.

All I needed to hear to get me to want to watch this movie was "Jeremy Saulnier", but with a cast like that I'm looking forward to it even more. Jeffrey Wright is one of my favorite actors (and one of my favorite Felix Leiters).

HOLD THE DARK is a Netflix production. Macon Blair's I DON'T FEEL AT HOME IN THIS WORLD ANYMORE is set to reach the company's streaming service on February 24th, and that movie should hold me over nicely while I wait for this one.

Riley Keough

Source: THR

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