WTF Happened to The Predator?

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

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Fans of Fox’s lethal alien hunters were thrilled to learn that Shane Black would relaunch the Predator franchise! The guy who made faves like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Iron Man 3, and even tangled with the extraterrestrial himself back in the original 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, seemed like a perfect fit. But a leaked plot, questionable ideas, extensive reshoots, post-production controversy, and harsh critical and audience response all combined to decapitate Black’s 2018 reboot.

Notably, was on-hand at the film’s world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival back in 2018, and as the movie made its Midnight Madness debut it premiered under a shroud of controversy. By the time we did the junket the next day, the word was out that this was a troubled production, and fans seemed to stay away in droves. What gives? Sharpen your claws and find out “WTF Happened to The Predator (2018)!”

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