X-Force movie concept art may reveal team lineup

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

X-Force Jeff Wadlow Banner

Comicbook.com recently stumbled across a piece of X-FORCE concept art while digging around online that might reveal the team lineup for the planned movie. Jeff Wadlow (KICK-ASS 2) is writing the script for the film (and may also direct), and apparently the artwork is a collaboration with concept artist Gregory Semkow featuring “the characters from the script.” Based on the image, it seems the team will consist of Cable, Domino, Warpath (who appeared in X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST) and Cannonball, and although it's not clear who the hooded woman standing next to Cable is, some think it could be Rogue or Hope Summers.

Take a look:

X-Force Concept Art

X-Force co-creator Rob Liefeld called Wadlow's script "beyond impressive" a couple of years ago, and Semkow is also a fan of the script, describing it as "freaking badass." Back in 2013, Wadlow said he's going to "take some big ideas from the X-universe and flip them" in an interesting way with X-FORCE, and that he hopes "it will have what fans of X-Force will expect." Will you be happy if this does end up being the lineup for X-FORCE, and who do you think the mutant in the hoodie is?

While X-FORCE doesn't have a release date yet, X-MEN: APOCALYPSE has been set to hit theaters on May 27, 2016.

Source: Gregory Semkow, Comicbook.com

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