Zack Snyder would make a James Bond Jr style movie

Director Zack Snyder wonders if it could be time for a James Bond movie that explores the future 007 in a younger form.

zack snyder James Bond jr

Zack Snyder had made his career and reputation — however you perceive it — on adapting other peoples’ properties. From zombies to superheroes to Spartans, Snyder has hit an array of pre-existing entities. And there is yet another one that Zack Snyder may be interested in, showing a curiosity in perhaps trading in 300 for 007 by making a call for a young James Bond movie.

Speaking with The Atlantic, Zack Snyder said that despite there being 25 entries in the franchise, there is still so much to explore in the world of James Bond, especially if they delve into his roots. “It’d be cool to see, like, 20-year-old James Bond…The humble roots that he comes from. Whatever trauma of youth that makes you be able to be James Bond…There has to be something there.”

Zack Snyder may be onto something with this Bond prequel idea. 2006’s Casino Royale effectively served this function, which also let Daniel Craig truly reboot the character and reset the franchise. But even this could only go back so far. A genuine prequel where we see a Bond at an even more impressionable age could have potential, although I think it might work best as a TV show that exists outside of the direct canon of the Bond movies, the producers of which are still trying to find their next 007. There at least is some base, too, as author Charlie Higson launched the Young Bond series, which explored Bond as a teen. And, of course, there was the short-lived Saturday morning cartoon James Bond Jr.

Outside of pre-existing intellectual properties such as his Bond fantasies — which Zack Snyder himself even pondered in the same interview, asking, “I mean, like, how much IP is there?” — the director has Rebel Moon, which couldn’t help but draw comparisons to Star Wars. While critical reviews have been weak overall (our own Chris Bumbray did give it an 8/10, however), audience reception has been much higher. Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire is currently available on Netflix. The second part, The Scargiver, is slated for April 19th, and it will no doubt be anticipated considering the initial viewer reaction.

How would you like a young 007 movie? Could that be a worthwhile avenue for the franchise to explore? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: The Atlantic

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