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Check out the Trailer & Website for Hideo Nakata's Incite Mill

04.21.2010by: Jared Pacheco

Hideo Nakata is a name we're hearing a lot now-a-days. The man is a genre mainstay not only in his native Japan but also here in the US. Chances are you know exactly who Nakata is, so no need to run through his previous flicks. Let's just say the man has been a huge part of the entire RINGU/RING franchise as well as a number of other projects. One flick he's got coming our way is INCITE MILL, which we first told you about back in January.

Well it's been a few months, so what's the deal with INCITE MILL? The deal is not only do we have an official website to check out but we've also got a brand new teaser trailer to drool over! Alright... so there won't be much drooling going on. If you want to drool, I suggest heading to the WOMB GHOST article and checking out Chrissie Chau. If you want to scope out a pretty pointless trailer for INCITE MILL, scroll below or head on over to our videos section. Your choice. Personally I'd much rather stare at Chau, but that's just me.

After checking out the trailer be sure to head on over to INCITE MILL's official website. It doesn't offer much aside from some flash and the trailer you see below. But hey, at least it's something right?

INCITE MILL tells a "Big Brother"-ish tale of 10 people who hire on for a "job" paying $1,200 per hour, only to find themselves locked in an underground complex and forced to play a murder game for seven days.

INCITE MILL hits Japanese theaters on October 16th! No word on any sort of US release but as always, we'll keep you updated!

Kelly Overton starred in Hideo Nakata's THE RING TWO.

Extra Tidbit: Hideo Nakata also has CHATROOM heading our way soon.



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