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Cool Horror Videos: The Ring styled wake up prank

07.09.2013by: Kevin Woods

We've featured quite a few hilarious (and scary) pranks in our 'Cool Horror Videos' column, and today we have another one to share with you that is equal parts inventive, cruel and drop-dead funny.

A prankster named James Williams wondered what would happen if he convinced his girlfriend that the creepy little girl from THE RING was crawling out of their television set. Williams spent weeks designing and constructing a believable puppet replica of Samara which had working arms that could be manipulated from afar. He then waited for his much better half to fall asleep in front of the TV, and attached his masterpiece to the screen. The results are hilarious.

Poor gal! But now I feel sorry for Williams...payback is a bitch and I'm sure his lady is plotting her vengeance now. Let's just hope it's as inspired as this prank was!

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