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Dawn of the Dead's Ken Foree to slay blood craving zombies once again?

01.11.2010by: Eric Walkuski

Back in February of last year (I'm still getting used to calling 2009 "last year"), we showed you the trailer for a Serbian zombie tale called ZONE OF THE DEAD, starring Ken Foree (one of the original zombie-killing bad-asses) and Kristina Klebe (HALLOWEEN). While the film has not seen the light of day in most territories (as far as I can tell), there's already a sequel heavily in the works.

Entitled WRATH OF THE DEAD, the film is set in a small town in East Quebec, where the chief of the police encounters an invasion of the walking dead. He calls his old friend, Mortimer Reyes, who dealt with a similar case in Serbia. However, they soon realize that a secret government agency is trying to cover up this incident and that even bigger threats than zombies are the agents that are eliminating every person who knows about the case, living or dead.

Foree is currently "in talks" to reprise his role as Reyes, although, he is developing the story with writer/directors Milan Konjevic and Milan Todorovic. (I'd say chances are good he'll star in it, yes?) Shooting might take place in Canada, but the creative team is exploring all options...

To read more on the matter, head on over HERE.

Kristina Klebe ain't taking any of your shit!

Extra Tidbit: Anyone out there get a chance to see ZONE OF THE DEAD?
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