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Cool Videos: Game of Thrones gets an epic three season Honest Trailer


GAME OF THRONES' fourth epic season will premiere this coming Sunday on HBO which means that it is time to refresh your memory with the violence, obscure names, and nudity from the first three seasons of the fantasy series. And, believe it or not, there are still tons of people who have not started watching the show. Well, here is a three season spanning Honest Trailer that covers the biggest events you may have forgotten or missed, depending on which of those groups you fall into.

Now, you may be saying to yourself that there should be no negatives for a show like GAME OF THRONES, but this honest trailer is a bit more reverential, a lot like the one done for BREAKING BAD. So consider this a more playful way to mock the beloved fantasy-porno series before new episodes begin airing.

GAME OF THRONES airs Sundays on HBO.

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