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Deadpool announces a new trailer in this NBA promo


The DEADPOOL goodies continue to pour in, and we have a couple for ya today! First up is an announcement from Mr. Wilson himself regarding the next trailer, and he's brought T.J. Miller along for the ride. If seeing the merc in a Santa hat isn't quite enough to get your kicks, yesterday saw the release of a nifty IMAX poster showing off some of the characters of the film, of which you can find a the end of the article (in case you missed it). I'm really hoping Colossus DOES carry Deadpool around like that at some point...

I like Deadpool as much as the next person, but if they think they're going to get me to tune in to a basketball game to check out the latest . . . well, they got another thing comin'! Plus, thanks to the age of the internet, it won't be long before we have that bad boy up for your viewing pleasure. I'm hoping Fox follows suit with a red-band variation like last time!

DEADPOOL opens on February 12, 2016.




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