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Get wet with the new Finest Hours trailer feat. Chris Pine and Casey Affleck


THE FINEST HOURS is a heroic action-thriller based on the true story of the most daring rescue mission in the history of the Coast Guard. Featuring the likes of Casey Affleck, Chris Pine, and some super fun accents, this film chronicles the battle of man versus the sea (minus a whale)! How about that! And if you're feeling thirsty, there's more water to go around in this trailer than the FINDING DORY teaser! Alright, maybe not, but this is arguably funnier. See for yourself!

Despite the acting talent involved, this seems to be your pretty basic heroic tale. As mentioned with the first trailer, Chris Pine feels a little out of place . . . almost as much as all of the CG water. Still, perhaps director Craig Gillespie (MILLION DOLLAR ARM, FRIGHT NIGHT) has something entertaining here. Looking at his filmography, I wouldn't be surprised if this film turns out to be...his finest hours.

THE FINEST HOURS will find its way to theaters on January 29, 2016.


Source: Disney



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