Tommy Wiseau outsmarts hackers in the latest promo for web security company 1Password

Legendary cult filmmaker Tommy Wiseau stars in a new 1Password promo to celebrate the oncoming arrival of Change Your Password Day.

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One year ago, Canadian sweetheart Ryan Reynolds showed everyone how easy it is to protect themselves from hackers with the 1Password security setup. Well, for accuracy’s sake, Reynolds’s assistant protected the actor’s varying accounts. The Deadpool and Green Lantern actor just sat around, waiting for some “bad actor” to steal his private information. What matters is that his accounts are secure, and he can email love letters to Hugh Jackman at his leisure.

Today, Tommy Wiseau (The Room, Best F(r)iends) is getting in on the 1Password action and bringing a tiger along for the ride. In the new 1Password promo, Wiseau throws bottled water to the ground, The Room style, while explaining the importance of having top-of-the-line online security. You never know what sort of “bad actors” could lurk online, and Tommy is no fool. He relies on 1Password to protect his company data with an app designed to log you in from anywhere, at any time, using one password.

But Tommy, isn’t that dangerous? If hackers discover the one password I’ve chosen, won’t they have access to all of my accounts? According to 1Password, no, sir! 1Password guarantees your safety from anyone hoping to gain access to your documents, private photos, gaming profiles, and anything else gated by a password online.

Here’s the official pitch from 1Password’s press release celebrating Change Your Password Day (February 1):

In the one-of-a-kind new spot from Reynolds’ Maximum Effort, Wiseau explains that just as directors must protect audiences from bad actors showing up in films, 1Password protects businesses like his own from bad actors who might attempt to infiltrate them. In a performance that’s 100% Tommy Wiseau, he makes it clear that employees can securely log into apps and websites, even when working remotely, keeping companies’ data safe and secure.

Have you ever had your identity stolen? Are you like me in that you have multiple passwords strewn across the internet for varying apps and websites? Are you constantly checking the “Passwords and Autofill” section of your computer or smartphone to gain access to the sites you use? Are you tired of getting log-in emails from social media apps? You are? Then, you should check out 1Password.

Source: 1Password

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