You’re tearing us apart, Bob! Bob Odenkirk starring in The Room remake

Gather your footballs and spoons because Bob Odenkirk has confirmed he’s starring in a remake of The Room…for charity.

He did not hit her, he did naaahhhhtttt…But Bob Odenkirk did evidently star in a remake of 2003’s cult oddity The Room, shot 100% in front of a green screen.

Yes, that is an actual thing that is happening, with Bob Odenkirk himself confirming he would be leading the remake of The Room, tweeting, “This is real.  This is true.  And let me tell you, I tried my best to SELL every line, as honestly as I could…and I had a BLAST.”

The project comes courtesy of Acting for a Cause, “an all-volunteer organization that produces live readings of classic plays and screenplays created, produced, directed, and hosted by Brando Crawford.” Of note, the Bob Odenkirk-starring The Room remake was made for charity, with “donations made in support of this campaign [supporting] amfAR’s lifesaving HIV cure research.”

Check out the first official pics in the Instagram post below:

Crawford teased the project last month on Instagram, posting several photos of the production, including pics of Bob Odenkirk holding a football (a bit more naturally than Tommy Wiseau, we must say), a group shot of the cast and crew and a clapboard confirming that production was underway as early as January.

Outside of Bob Odenkirk, other individuals who were tagged for The Room remake include actress Kate Siegel, Doctor Sleep director Mike Flanagan and young filmmaker Nathan Xia (Chasing Sundance). Their exact involvement was not disclosed. Broad City and Narcos actor Arturo Castro can also be seen in the photos. (No, that is not Gavin Rossdale in the roof photo.) The production is also “re-composing” the score…hopefully not on plastic spoons.

The Room has certainly been ripe for dissection, developing not only a massive cult following since its 2003 release but enough of a curiosity to warrant a movie about the production, The Disaster Artist (2017), with James Franco as Wiseau. Wiseau himself has been game for remakes, including shooting a reenactment of a scene from The Dark Knight with The Room co-star Greg Sestero.

No official release date has been set for this remake of The Room, but considering Bob Odenkirk puts everything he has into every performance (not unlike Wiseau…), it can’t come soon enough.

Will you check out the remake of The Room starring Bob Odenkirk? Could it develop its own little cult following?

Source: Slash Film

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