Abe hunts vampires?

If you got sick and tired of waiting for Steven Spielberg to make his long-awaited Abraham Lincoln movie, the good news is you could have a much coolest Honest Abe movie on the way. Seth Grahame-Smith, author of the hit novel “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” is working on his follow up and, just like his last novel, the title should hook you right in. “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.” The project, which would obviously revisit Lincoln’s life with the small addition that he was the world’s finest vampire slayer, sold at auction to Grand Central Press. Grahame-Smith’s agents, at William Morris, have also put together a film proposal that they’re shopping around Hollywood.

While ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER has an awesome premise and a cool title, it obviously takes more than that to pull off a movie. You need to strike the right tone between history and satire, humor and adventure. It’s obviously a fairly ridiculous premise but you still want the adventure and horror of fighting vampires to feel real. Can it work? Is it a gimmick? Strike back below…

Source: Publisher's Weekly

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