Not another WWE movie

He with the once promising career has fallen. Renny Harlin, director of such solid pictures as CLIFFHANGER and DIE HARD 2 has seen his career spiral downwards, with such gone-after-a-weekend releases as MINDHUNTERS and THE COVENANT. But now he’s signed on to direct a movie for WWE, called 12 ROUNDS and starring their poor man’s Rock (not even, that’s Vin Diesel), John Cena.

The story centers on a New Orleans policeman whose girlfriend is kidnapped. I really hope they don’t try to address some sort of Katrina-related social commentary, because the only social commentary this team is capable of portraying is that a lot of really good money is being wasted on a lot of bad films. And didn’t John Cena play a tough guy whose girlfriend was also kidnapped in THE MARINE? Lets hope that what these lovers spawn skips theatres, bypasses video store shelves, avoids bargain bins, and heads right where they belong—in my dvd player!!! I’ve totally lost it.

Source: Variety

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