Adam Scott to star in Ben Stiller-directed Apple drama series Severance

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Adam Scott, Ben Stiller, Severance, Apple

As Apple continues to build their entertainment library for the upcoming launch of their streaming service, Apple TV+, it's been announced that the company has given a series order to SEVERANCE, a new drama series directed and executive produced by 2019 DGA Award winner Ben Stiller (ZOOLANDER, NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM) with Adam Scott (PARKS AND RECREATION, BIG LITTLE LIES) attached to star and produce.

To be presented as a workplace thriller, the show will introduce Lumen Industries, a company that’s looking to take work-life balance to a new level. Scott will play the lead role of Mark, an employee with a dark past trying to put himself back together.

The series is written and created by Dan Erikson. Meanwhile, Chris Black of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE fame will executive produce alongside Erikson. Also set to executive produce are StillerNicky Weinstock and Jackie Cohn through Red Hour Productions.

With regard to television appearances, Adam Scott has recently starred in the Emmy-winning HBO drama series BIG LITTLE LIES. He's also served as a cast member of shows like THE GOOD PLACE, PARTY DOWN, PARKS AND RECREATION, and GHOSTED, as well as the rebooted TWILIGHT ZONE for ABC All Access.

As for Stiller, the ZOOLANDER alum recently directed the Showtime limited series ESCAPE FROM DANNEMORA, a biographical crime drama that centers on an employee at a prison in upstate New York who becomes romantically involved with a pair of inmates and helps them escape. The 7-episode limited series was later nominated for two Emmy Awards, including Best Director for a Limited Series and Best Limited Series categories. 

Source: Apple TV+

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