An Anchorman spinoff is in the works starring Baxter and Ron’s son??

In not-so-surprising news, it seems as though ANCHORMAN 2: THE LEGEND CONTINUES will not be the last time we see sexy Ron Burgandy; director Adam McKay and Paramount Pictures have been discussing the idea of a spinoff film that would delve deeper into the San Diego-un’s life. But what is surprising is that the movie might not feature Ron much at all. Instead, it would follow the adventures of trusted canine companion Baxter and… Ron’s son?!

McKay let the cat out of the bag himself in an interview with Collider. When asked whether or not we “learn more about Baxter” (which is an interesting question in itself), McKay spilt the following:

That’s so funny! We talked about that. I want to know more about what he’s doing when he’s not around them. I want to shoot a whole adventure. Maybe you guys can help with this, we actually talked about the idea of doing The Adventures … I guess it’s out of the bag that SPOILER Ron has a son? I mean, I guess it’s kinda out of the bag that Ron has a son? Or did I just let it out of the bag? … I just let it out of the bag. So we wanted to do the adventures of his son, Walter Burgundy, and Baxter. And I actually pitched it to Adam Goodman at Paramount and he said, “That’s not a bad idea.” So there’s a chance we might be doing a Milo and Otis, G-rated, PG, Adventures of Walter and Baxter, which would be amazing.

Um, apologies if you didn’t want the fact that Ron has a son spoiled for you, but I think we’ll all live.

An interesting concept though; surely Ron would figure into this theoretical adventure somehow, but would a G-rated romp focusing on “Walter Burgandy” and Baxter actually work? Or might we be seeing a BABY’S DAY OUT situation here? Let us know what you think…

Source: Collider

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