Animated show The Last Kids on Earth casts Bruce Campbell, Mark Hamill, more

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

The Last Kids on Earth

There are currently four books in author Max Brallier's series of novels about The Last Kids on Earth, an Earth that has been overrun by zombies and various other monsters, with a fifth on the way later this year. If you'd like to pick up a copy of some of his books, you can do so at THIS LINK

I hadn't heard of these until the news came along that Netflix is turning Brallier's stories into an animated series – and to be honest, I probably still wouldn't have paid much attention to the announcement if it weren't for the cast that has been assembled for this show. It might have a lot of monsters in it, but it's still an animated show for kids, so I wouldn't be watching it… But thanks to the actors who will be voicing characters, I'm going to have to check out some episodes.

Nick Wolfhard, brother of Netflix's Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard, will be voicing lead character Jack Sullivan on The Last Kids on Earth, and other actors providing voices include Bruce Campbell, Mark Hamill, Rosario Dawson, Catherine O'Hara, Keith David, Garland Whitt, Montse Hernandez, and Charles Demers.

Even if this is a cartoon aimed at a young audience, there's no way I'm going to miss out on hearing Bruce Campbell deliver lines in a genre project.

Developed by Atomic Cartoons, The Last Kids on Earth will be released on the Netflix streaming service later this year. The show centers on 

13-year-old Jack Sullivan and a band of suburban middle schoolers who live in a decked-out tree house, play video games, gorge themselves on candy, and battle zombies in the aftermath of the monster apocalypse. It’s a hilarious series filled with wisecracking kids, crazy gadgets, a lifetime supply of zombies and giant-sized monsters.

Brallier is involved with the show as creator and executive producer, Scott Peterson is the showrunner and executive producer, and Matthew Berkowitz and Jennifer Twiner McCarron are also executive producing for Atomic.

Source: Deadline

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