Anjelica Huston & Bill Pullman are trigger happy siblings in Trouble trailer

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

It looks as if the Hatfields and the McCoys are in for some fierce competition, as Anjelica Huston and Bill Pullman are set to play two middle-aged siblings engaged in a feud over their father's estate in TROUBLE. Directed and written by Theresa Rebeck (NYPD BLUE, SMASH), TROUBLE tells the story of Maggie (Anjelica Huston) and Ben (Bill Pullman) a brother and sister duo who don't care for one another. Although Ben, a perpetual screw up, sold his share of their father's estate to his sister years ago, he returns hoping to build a house and a new future. With an acquaintance (Julia Stiles) in the Bureau of Land Management ready to falsify records of the original sale, he hashes out a plan to regain the property while smoking doobs with his good friend Gerry (David Morse). Maggie must decide how to react as sibling rivalries renew. Also starring in the dramatic comedy are Brian d'Arcy James, Jim Parrack, and Victor Williams.

Wee doggies, it sounds like Maggie and Ben are fixin' for one hell of a fight, and that the people around them could get caught in the crosshairs. Here's hoping that they can resolve their differences before one of them ends up as fertilizer for their pappy's outback estate. Personally, my money is on Anjelica Huston, as she appears to be a crack shot with that rifle of hers, and Ben is more than likley to stumble his way into a nearby creek before the day is won.

TROUBLE will come to theaters in New York and Los Angeles beginning on October 5th.

Source: WME Global

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