Anna Kendrick and a sex doll hit the road in the trailer for Quibi’s Dummy

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Back in the 1987, the world was infatuated with a clothing store dummy come to life in the romantic comedy MANNEQUIN. Then, in 2007, the indie darling LARS AND THE REAL GIRL showed what romance could be like with a partner who was inflatable. Now, streaming service Quibi is blending both of those plots for their comedy DUMMY starring Anna Kendrick and Donal Logue.

In DUMMY, Anna Kendrick plays an aspiring-but struggling writer who discovers that her boyfriend owns a sex doll. Curious about the plaything, Kendrick's Cody goes to investigate, and in time discovers that Barbara, the red-headed real doll, can speak. With her sentience revealed, Barbara informs Cody that "We're all sex dolls until we topple the patriarchy," thus a madcap journey toward self-actualization begins!

Dummy, Quibi, Anna Kendrick, comedy

The series comes from DEADBEAT creator and WILFRED alum Cody Heller, who was inspired to write the story based on her relationship with fiancé Dan Harmon of RICK AND MORTY and COMMUNITY fame. The peculiar presentation is directed by Tricia Brock, who also executive produces with Heller and Kendrick. Joining Kendrick and Logue as members of the DUMMY cast are Meredith Hagner as the voice of Barbara, Pedro Lopez, Gustavo Escobar, Adam Shapiro, and Sasha Neboga, among others.

DUMMY will come to life on Quibi beginning on April 20. Will this raunchy comedy prove to be a remedy for your COVID-19 blues? Or, has Heller and company taken the dolls-to-life setup a step too far? Maybe roll yourself a real lung killer before finding out?

Dummy, Quibi, Anna Kendrick, comedy

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