Army Of Thieves Interviews: Nathalie Emmanuel & more

If you had a chance to check out Army of Thieves over the weekend, you know that one of the best things about the film is the chemistry of the movie’s cast. You want to spend time with this crew as they take on various heists and, as it turns out, that chemistry is very evident in real life and it’s something I discovered first hand when I got to speak with the film’s supporting cast after my chat with Matthias Schweighöfer and Zack Snyder.

Paired together were Nathalie Emmanuel and Ruby O. Fee while the other pairing was with Stuart Martin and Guz Khan. Nathalie Emmanuel, who is no stranger to working with a crew of individuals with various talents after joining the Fast & Furious franchise, plays Gwendoline Starr. Gwendoline is a skilled jewel thief who brings in Schweighöfer’s Ludwig Dieter because of his expert safecracking skills that she witnesses on YouTube. Not only is Gwendoline a master jewel thief, but she is also skilled in kicking major butt and can more than hold her own against anyone. At the heart of the film is a sort of “meet-cute” chemistry that develops between Gwendoline and Dieter that allows the movie to serve not only as a heist film but also as a bit of a romantic comedy. When I spoke with Nathalie, she commented on when she learned about the project and how familiar she was with Army of the Dead before joining the film and on her chemistry with Matthias, who proved to be a great scene partner and a director.

Ruby O. Fee plays the scene-stealing Korina Dominguez, an expert hacker who is quick with a quip and is full of sarcastic snarkiness that should instantly make her a fan favorite. I admittedly wasn’t too familiar with Ruby O. Fee until seeing this film but she definitely has great screen presence and solid delivery that makes most of her lines land in such a way that they’re guaranteed to get a laugh. She also has some funny moments poking fun at Schweighöfer’s Dieter and their interactions get an added layer when you find out that the actress and Schweighöfer have been dating since 2019. I had to ask Ruby if any of the quips and snarky behavior is in any part of her real personality and you soon learn that the actress and the character are very different because she is actually lovably shy in real life. Since the character and Ruby are so different, I’d say that her performance in the film is a job well done.

Going into the next pairing I was not expecting to laugh as much as I did but Stuart Martin and Guz Khan were too much of a hoot that it was near impossible for me not to lose my composure a little bit. Stuart Martin plays Brad Cage, the film’s resident hot head and gunman who immediately doesn’t think Dieter has what it takes to join their crew. If the film has a bit of a villain, it would be him but that’s only because he also notices the growing connection between Dieter and Gwendoline, whom he has been with since their teenage years when Brad Cage was then known as Alexis Broschini. I asked Stuart how hard was it for him to be mean to Schweighöfer’s likable Dieter and he jokingly made a reference to it being very easy and then he ultimately spoke of him highly as an actor and director. Stuart also got into talking about the training the cast went through, particularly himself and Guz for a lot of the driving sequences, and how that helped build their chemistry as the crew in the film.

Guz Khan plays Rolph, the crew’s getaway driver. Khan is best known for being a British comedian and impressionist and he spoke on how this is the first time has done a movie of this scale before. Khan elaborated on Stuart speaking about all their training and he was quick with a few jokes about the entire experience. What I noticed the most is that Khan came off as someone who was really proud of the project and was happy to get to experience all of this with this group of actors. From doing all of these interviews, you really do discover why their chemistry in the film is as strong as it is.

Army of Thieves is currently streaming on Netflix.

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