Back in Action: Cameron Diaz is coming out of retirement to star alongside Jamie Foxx

Back in Action, Cameron Diaz, Jamie Fozz, Netflix

Roll out the red carpet and start practicing your Charlie’s Angels booty dance because Cameron Diaz is coming out of retirement! Diaz will star opposite Jamie Foxx for the appropriately-titled Netflix film Back in Action. Foxx teased the new project via his Twitter account by sharing an audio clip of his phone conversation with Diaz.

During the call, Diaz confessed that she’s nervous about “un-retiring,” but that she’s “so excited” to give it a go. After some encouraging words from Foxx, the Day Shift actor welcomed NFL star Tom Brady onto the call.

Diaz officially retired from acting in 2018 after appearing in Will Gluck’s adaptation of the musical Annie for Sony (opposite Foxx it should be noted). Famously known for her parts in There’s Something About MaryBeing John MalkovichAny Given SundayThe Mask and the Shrek and Charlie’s Angels franchises, Diaz has not confirmed if she’s back for good or if Back in Action is a one-time offer. Despite Brady’s participation in Foxx’s call to Diaz, he is not involved with Back in Action.

I hope this is a sign of good things as I’ve enjoyed Diaz in several films throughout her career. Many think of her as a queen of romantic comedy, but she also has a flair for the dramatic. If Back in Action turns out to be a high-octane thrill ride, that would suit just fine as well.

Do you have any predictions about this new project? What’s your favorite movie starring Cameron Diaz? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Deadline

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