Batman Begins (2005) Revisited – DC Movie Review

Here on DC Revisited, we’ve been taking a deep dive into the cinematic legacy of the beloved comic book brand. So far, we’ve examined the highs (Superman – The Movie, Batman’89 and Batman Returns) and very low lows (Batman & Robin). However, today we’re kicking off a three-episode examination of perhaps the peak example of the superhero genre, Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy. Before Batman Begins, people viewed comic books movies one way, but after, it was a whole new ballgame, and the genre as we know it today wouldn’t exist without these films.

In our first episode, we look into how Christopher Nolan’s origin story, Batman Begins, got made. We dig into some of the near misses regarding casting (Cillian Murphy as Batman, Anthony Hopkins as Alfred) and how Christian Bale came to take the role that would make him a megastar. From the choice of villains to the musical score, everything is examined in what we hope you’ll think is a very entertaining deconstruction of this fantastic flick.

This episode of DC Revisited is written and edited by Adam Walton, narrated by Tyler Nichols, produced by Chris Bumbray and executive produced by Berge Garabedian. Watch previous episodes below and let us know how you think Batman Begins holds up seventeen years later.

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