Bill Paxton vs Marshall Bell horror comedy The Vagrant hits Blu-ray in May

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

"A horror comedy that works. It's crazy, offbeat and funny." – Arrow in the

Yes, yes, that is an Arrow in the Head quote contained within the official Blu-ray Shout! Factory synopsis of THE VAGRANT. Hell yeah. Now you just need to slap that sumbitch on the cover, preferably right above the title. Please and thank you, Shout! Factory.

The flick for those of you who might not know, is a 1992 horror comedy directed by Chris Walas (the man behind Gizmo, and director of THE FLY II) and stars Bill Paxton as a dude who can't tell if the titular vagrant, played by an amazingly grotesque Marshall Bell, is out to super-murder him… or if he's all in his head…

Probably my favorite thing about THE VAGRANT is the coverbox, which is awesomely dated. You can tell this flick came out right after HOME ALONE, and right around the time HOME ALONE 2: LOST IN NEW YORK (starring Donald f*cking Trump), as Bill Paxton's pose is very reminiscent of a certain blonde kid that was left home alone.

Also, the tagline is "He's NOT home alone." So that's kind of a giveaway as well.

While at the time we do not have any special features to announce for the disc, my fingers are crossed they got a Bill Paxton commentary track before tragedy struck. I'll keep you guys up to date on THE VAGRANT Blu-ray and let you know when the special features are finally announced.

Here is that official synopsis I mentioned above:

"A horror comedy that works. It's crazy, offbeat and funny." – Arrow in the

Ambitious young executive Graham Krakowski (Bill Paxton, Aliens, Titanic) has plotted out every move of this life and career. What he didn't plan on was a creepy vagrant living opposite his new home. And when the mysterious man (Marshall Bell, Total Recall, Virus) sneaks into Graham's home and starts playing sick mind games, he is driven to take matters into his own hands. Detective Ralf Barfuss (Michael Ironside, Scanners) stays hot on Graham's trail while Graham wages war against the unrelenting vagrant, who is robbing him of his sanity… and quite possibly his life. The comedic psychological thriller is directed by special effects wizard Chris Walas (The Fly, Raiders of the Lost Ark).

THE VAGRANT stars Bill Paxton, Marshall Bell, Michael Ironside, and was directed by Chris Walas. Again, the disc will be released May 23rd.

You can read The Arrow's full review of THE VAGRANT RIGHT HERE as well, featuring such gems as:

Actor Marshall Bell who plays the Vagrant (he also played the gay gym teacher in Nightmare On Elm Street 2) really got under actor Bill Paxton’s skin during shooting. He’d call his room and hang up on him, he put a paper bag full of dog poop on his doorstep and set it on fire, he would call him at 4 am to know if the Cardinals had won…Now that’s method acting and it really drove Paxton nuts.

You can pre-order your copy THE VAGRANT on Blu-ray HERE

Colleen Camp was also in CLUE as the french maid. You know the one.

Source: Shout! Factory

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