Has a major character’s appearance in Captain America: Brave New World been spoiled?

A crewmember has been spotted wearing an official Captain America: Brave New World jacket which seems to spoiler a major character’s role.

Last Updated on February 26, 2024


Anthony Mackie, Captain America: New World Order

He’s been Han Solo, Indiana Jones, and Jack Ryan, and now it looks like Harrison Ford is officially hulking out in Captain America: Brave New World. While it had been speculated that Ford would eventually play the character due to his casting as General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross (filling in for the late William Hurt), according to online rumours, the Red Hulk’s appearance in Brave New World has been confirmed. But how? According to a Marvel Studios Spoiler thread on Reedit, a crew member was spotted wearing an official movie jacket with Brave New World written in Red Hulk-style font, seemingly confirming the character’s appearance.

Now, to be sure, this isn’t much of a spoiler. Did anyone really think that Red Hulk wouldn’t be making an appearance when Ford was cast in the role? It would be a huge missed opportunity to cast one of the most legendary actors in screen history and not have him play some kind of superhero, even if he is in his 80s. As Red Hulk would be mostly CGI, it wouldn’t be too taxing for Ford physically, but it would allow him to put his own definitive mark on the MCU.

And really, let’s face it – the MCU needs something like this. Whether a Captain America movie without Steve Rogers will prove to be the box office smash, Marvel needs is still a big question. Brave New World is in the middle of a pretty fraught production, with a new writer, Matthew Orton, being hired in December and heavy reshoots planned for this summer. Something similar is happening with the Marvel movie coming hot on the heels of this one, Thunderbolts, which also has Ford in the cast. It would be smart to introduce Red Hulk as an antagonist in this one and perhaps have him redeemed as a more heroic character in Thunderbolts, but we’ll see.

Captain America: Brave New World, directed by Julius Onah (The Cloverfield Paradox), is set to hit theaters in exactly one year, February 14th, 2025, with Thunderbolts following it on July 25th, 2025

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