Exclusive: Carrie Coon doubles down on love of physical media and says small labels need support

Carrie Coon is doubling down on her love of physical media collections and says boutique labels need our support.

Last Updated on April 27, 2024

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Earlier this week, Carrie Coon became ever more beloved among film fans when she told The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon that she and her husband Tracy Letts (writer of Killer Joe, Bug and more) – who doesn’t approve of streaming – have over 10,000 movies on Blu-ray, praising physical media. As she said, “We’ve got a lot of rare, hard media that you can’t get anymore.” Recently, we sat down with the The Gilded Age star to discuss her role in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire and couldn’t help but ask her to elaborate on her physical media comments. She took the opportunity to double down on the importance of collecting movies:

“I guess I didn’t understand what we would be losing with streaming. Tracy (Letts) really did educate me about the fact that so many of these films now are completely inaccessible if you don’t own them yourself.” She also took the opportunity to give a shout-out to boutique labels like Kino Lorber, Arrow Video, Criterion, Shout Factory and more: “And, of course, there are all these companies putting out new imprints of original films and doing beautiful work. Some of them are really small companies and need our support. Tracy is an avid supporter of all these companies, and we’ve amassed this incredible collection.”

Indeed, she says Letts is constantly showing her new movies from their collection. Coon revealed that one of their marriage arrangements is that if she goes into their basement to watch a movie with him, he gets to choose their movie night entertainment.  “So every night for me is a surprise. It’s like not knowing the gender of your child.” 

At this point, Paul Rudd, who was also in the interview, couldn’t help but ask her what the last movie she watched was. She’s said it was David Cronenberg’s Videodrome, pointing towards a recent tweet she put up about it:

As avid fans of physical media, we’re thrilled Carrie Coon and Tracy Letts are using their fame to advocate for the medium! Watch out for more from our interview with her and Rudd this week!

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