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Last Updated on August 5, 2021

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In this edition of Cast This we will be looking at casting Marvel’s Squirrel Girl; the comic book series star has been making headlines as of late thanks to actress Anna Kendrick eyeing the role that hasn’t officially been called for yet.

Doreen Green, known as Squirrel Girl, is a human superhero with the proportional strength and speed of a squirrel, as well as the ability to speak with squirrels. She can also command an army of squirrels, which she typically uses to overwhelm her foes. Sounds a lot like Ant-Man right? Well, if you’re like me and didn’t know this character existed before last year, you might also think it could make for some interesting filmmaking opportunities. That being said, today we are focusing on the casting of our main character.

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The film will demand a good balance of action and comedy, something that our leading star should be familiar with or at least able to pull off. With the demand for female lead superhero movies on the rise (WONDER WOMAN, CAPTAIN MARVEL), it’s no surprise that talk of a feature film for Squirrel Girl is on the table. While Kendrick would be a solid choice, she’s not the only one who could pull it off and wouldn’t make it in my top list.

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Last year’s THE DUFF brought Mae Whitman into the spotlight again and for good reasons. Her great comedic and dramatic performance was one of my favorite of the year and had me seeking out other roles of hers including SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD. There is the added bonus of looking the part if I can say that without sounding like I’m calling her a squirrel. Next up on my list would be everyone’s favorite Google search, Alison Brie. Perhaps the cutest actress today, Brie has also had the benefit of playing the cookie-cutter school girl (Community) which would add to the positive nature Doreen Green aka Squirrel Girl reflects. Finally, one of my favorite actresses, Brie Larson I feel would make a great addition to the superhero community and could own a lead role like this. She’s done the comedy (21 JUMP STREET) and drama (ROOM) and thusly proven herself cable of handling stressful roles. Not to say that whoever takes the role wouldn’t have fun playing a live-action hero with a Squirrel tale.

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What about you guys? Who’s right for the part? How about Arya Stark herself, Maisie Williams. That would be sure to fill the seats right? She’s done action and drama on Game of Thrones, why not test her comedy chops and get her in a leading feature already. STAR WARS can’t keep all the young talent from us, Daisy Ridley, who starred in The Force Awakens as Rey, jumps out as someone who might take this role and turn it into something special. How about another Scott Pilgrim alum in the always cute Mary Elizabeth Winstead? She’s instantly in a lot of people’s minds I bet when it comes to this part.

Tell us who you would cast as Squirrel Girl!

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