Christopher Nolan defends franchise movies from Martin Scorsese

Christopher Nolan is urging the harmony of big budget blockbusters and smaller, more original movies amid the ongoing debate.

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When he’s not directing masterpieces like Killers of the Flower Moon and being tricked into being a TikTok sensation, Martin Scorsese can usually be heard railing against comic book movies. In one of his more recent takes on the state of the movie industry, Scorsese urged filmmakers to “fight back” against the onslaught of superhero movies, name-checking Christopher Nolan himself. Now, Nolan has responded, hitting on the point that big budget blockbusters and indie fare can share the screen…Can you imagine?!

As far as Christopher Nolan is concerned, he sees a necessity for both kinds of movies, as they support one another in terms of financing. “There’s always a balance in Hollywood between established titles that can assure a return in audience and give people more of what they want, that’s always been a big part of the economics of Hollywood…And it pays for lots of other types of films to be made and distributed.”

Christopher Nolan added that blockbusters – not unlike his own films, which have grossed about $6 billion worldwide – in no way take away from moviegoers’ inclination to be dazzled by an original picture. “But there also always needs to be respect for the audience’s desire for something new…One of the big thrills of going to the movies is, frankly, seeing a trailer for a movie you’ve never heard of, a type of movie you haven’t seen…A healthy ecosystem in Hollywood is about a balance between the two things and always has been.” In other words: why not both?

Christopher Nolan knows plenty about the meshing of box office champs and original content even just from this year, as Oppenheimer has proven to be a nearly $1 billion worldwide hit – and that’s not because Iron Man and Scarecrow are in it, either.

With such a take, Christopher Nolan brings about a perfect point: Why should one exist and the other not? Some of us may not dig what’s going on in the MCU but we all know deep down that it’s not affecting what gets attention at the Independent Spirit Awards. Just the same, a successful indie isn’t going to “save” cinema – whatever that even means.

What is your take on Christopher Nolan’s stance over the relationship between blockbusters and indie movies?

Source: Associated Press

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