Dwayne Johnson accepts Baywatch’s Razzie win like the champ he is

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Everyone who works on a movie puts all of their blood, sweat and tears into the product in hopes of delivering something everyone else loves. Sometimes it doesn’t work out so well. Sometimes it really doesn't work out, and when that happens, some of those movies get nominated for Razzies. The people nominated for the “reverse Oscars” may feel offended or hurt, but others take it in stride and with a bit of playfulness, much like Dwayne Johnson just did.

The megastar’s summer flick, BAYWATCH, didn’t quite take off with critics and audiences, and in the end, received several Razzie nominations, including for Worst Picture. Though it didn’t win any of the major categories, the movie did take home a special prize for “Special Rotten Tomatoes Award: The Razzie Nominee So Bad You Loved It!” The Rock took to Twitter on Oscar Sunday to “humbly” accept the “award” like the champ he is saying, “Hey, that’s just the way love goes.”

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The movie was thrashed by critics, earning a 18% from critics and a 56% from audiences. The movie didn’t reach the high summer box office heights the studio had hoped for, making $177 million globally (albeit off a $69 million budget). Overall the movie is being seen as a bit of a dud, but hey, at least it didn’t take home four Razzies like THE EMOJI MOVIE.

Johnson is a trooper for taking the Razzie in stride. Key to doing better in this business is looking at the faults and doing better next time. Johnson is so beloved this BAYWATCH thing is nothing but a little dirt on his massive shoulders he can just brush off. The actor won out in the end, though, as JUMANJI is inching towards the $1 billion mark at the global box office. Who gives a shit about a Razzie when another movie of yours is about to join the Billion Dollar Club?

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