E3 unveils new Super Mario Odyssey gameplay trailer!

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

I've been excited about SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY since it was first announced, when it seemed like Mario was entering the GTA universe (which begged questions like: if he killed a hooker, would she become a floating coin? And, could a fire flower blow up a police helicopter?) Alas, the game was much more expansive than that, with the "real world" (where Mario looks like the deformed cartoon he is) is just one of many (that includes a kind of uncomfortable Mexican-themed level that would be fine if it weren't for Mario's attire).

Now we have a new gameplay trailer from E3. Let's take a look:

Wow! This looks pretty amazing! It seems the new mechanic is that whenever Mario throws his creepy eyeball hat on an object or enemy, Mario gains the appearance and abilities of said enemy/object. Which is cool when those include not only classic things like Goombas and Bullet Bills, but also motherfuckin' T-Rexes and tanks! And, not going to lie, seeing Mario interact with a real-looking T-Rex, then cutting to Bowser in a white tuxedo was jarring. But a good kind of jarring.

Meanwhile, SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY will journey to Nintendo Switch October 27th.

Source: YouTube

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