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Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Welcome to our first comic book preview! While we have covered comic books and comic book events in the past, we’ve never run an actual preview of one. As a decades-long comic nerd, I’m honored to be able to do so. While we have traditionally only covered movies, we expanded to cover TV in the last few years, which simply can’t be ignored and with comic-book-themed projects hitting both venues, why not feature the original content from time-to-time, right? To kick things off, we have a preview of DC’s SUICIDE SQUAD #44, which hits stands this week, and is the conclusion to the “Constriction” storyline from writer Rob Williams with interior art by Joe Bennett. In addition to the preview, we have an exclusive interview with Rob Williams about this storyline, what it’s like working on a team book and what’s in store for the rest of his run. Check out the interview and preview below! 

What inspired the Constriction storyline?

Rob Williams: I had an idea and an urge for a Batman and Deadshot road movie, in the style of a Midnight Run and a Thelma and Louise. And thematically they go well together for a number of reasons. They’re both rich men from Gotham. Floyd Lawton was inspired to become Deadshot by Batman. So, I think Bats gets to him in a way other heroes don’t. And they’re both fathers whose children have been ‘raised’ by insane death cults. In this case, Kobra’s taken Deadshot’s daughter, Zoe. So, for Batman it’s a question of saving Deadshot’s daughter but also, perhaps, saving Deadshot’s soul too.

This is a more Deadshot-focused story, but still features Task Force X in the mix. What do you think makes Deadshot an interesting character?

Rob Williams: Like all the Suicide Squad, it’s not a question of whether or not they’re immoral killers and criminals – they all are. But it’s a case of going below their surface, seeing what makes them tick and wondering if they are redeemable in any way. For Deadshot, his moral ‘kryptonite’ comes from the fact that he has a daughter he wants to see raised an innocent. He wants her to have a good life and not to follow in his footsteps. So, there’s good in Deadshot. But to what extent? We’ll find out.

You also have Batman teaming up with Deadshot in this story. Besides just being Batman, what does he add to a story like this?

Rob Williams: HE’S BATMAN! Isn’t that enough? I think Batman wants to do three things here: save Zoe. Maybe save Deadshot and prove a point that he’s not beyond redemption, and also, as a happy offshoot, he wants to piss off Waller. Batman and Waller is a powder keg waiting to blow. They each have grievances against each other. Waller’s crusade is anathema to Batman. Criminals belong behind bars. So, he’s enjoying making Waller’s temper blow a notch by breaking Deadshot out of Belle Reve.

Is there a benefit to writing a team book vs. a solo book? How do you find a balance for all the characters?

Rob Williams: Team books are tough, because of the ensemble cast and the need to not lose any of them in the narrative. And the moment you place the spotlight strongly on one, you’re doing a disservice to the others. That said, we’re 40+ issues into the Rebirth era of Suicide Squad here, so I felt we’d earned the right to have a strongly Deadshot-focused arc. Although we have Harley, Boomerang and Captain Cold as major players here – on the tail of Batman and Deadshot.

What can readers expect in the coming issues from you? 

Rob Williams: Well, 45 & 46 are SINK ATLANTIS! our Suicide Squad – Aquaman crossover. That’s, effectively, war between the Squad and the Alanteans. And then we’re into my final arc of Suicide Squad, and that’s a lot of the chickens coming home to roost for Waller and a bunch of our major characters. It’s going out brutal.

Pick up Suicide Squad #44 in comic shops on Wednesday, July 11th!

Source: JoBlo.com, DC Comics

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