Exclusive 1:1 Interview: The Book of Life Star Ice Cube!

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Ice Cube is a legend. The rapper/actor has had a number of successes in film including FRIDAY, BOYS N THE HOOD, RIDE ALONG and the recent 21 JUMP STREET and 22 JUMP STREET. This fine fellow also knows a little something about bringing flair to an animated character. And in THE BOOK OF LIFE, he takes on the Candle Maker, one of the most powerful beings in this delightful tribute to Mexico’s Day of the Dead.

When I sat down with Ice Cube he was taking a break from the junket to watch a football game. Yet he happily turned his attention back to talking about the film. We discussed his wide ranging audience that will certainly extend to a new generation with this wonderful new flick. He also talked about what he is most recognized for and how the younger audiences may not be aware that he can put on a pretty impressive concert. If you’d like to see Ice Cube in THE BOOK OF LIFE, you can find it this Thursday at a theatre near you.

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