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Today, our own Eric Walkuski spoke in-depth with writer/creator Mark Millar about KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE, as well as some of his future comic-to-film projects, including STARLIGHT, CHRONONAUTS, and KINDERGARTEN HEROES. While there is much more in the full interview, we have some highlights below that give some insight as to where these projects are in terms of making it ot the big screen and which ones we can expect to see next.

On whether or not they're currently working on Kingsman 2:

I haven't given it a huge amount of thought. Matthew's been putting some ideas together at the moment, but I'm finishing up some other things. I do this weird thing where I compartmentalize, I find it really hard to jump out of one thing and into another. He and I have been talking on the phone about it, but I haven't done a book for the second one or anything, so it would really just be an original screenplay, I think. It'll mostly come from pub conversations, and then Matthew and Jane [Goldman] will write a screenplay I guess. At the moment, it's just some set-pieces and some ideas, but there isn't really a finished thing yet, there's nothing close to a finished thing yet.

On their insane idea for a HIT GIRL movie and if they're close to making it:

I love the idea of there being Hit Girl movies, it has to be the right story though. We have a crazy idea for it, and every now and then I think, is this too crazy? Because it's kind of insane. Would the world accept this? It makes Kick-Ass look like Finding Nemo. Matthew and I have chatted about it in the pub, and it's fine in the pub, but when we're being interviewed two years later, is it going to be terrifying? So I don't know, it seems a fun thing, though. It's funny, because Hit Girl was slightly pre-dated by about a year, before those kick-ass action heroine characters like The Hunger Games and Hanna and those kinds of things came along. And now I feel is a great time for her, so it could be really interesting.

On what property of his will go before cameras next:

The next two that I think will be moving forward pretty quickly are Starlight and Chrononauts, I think they'll probably be made at the same time as Kingsman 2, if not even before. I think Starlight's screenplay is finished now, it was written by Gary Whitta, he finished the screenplay a couple of weeks back and we're just moving forward now looking for a director. Chrononauts, there's one of the actors already and we're just looking for the second guy. Those two I think are the most likely to be the next two out, and then we should have another three ready to roll next year as well.

On the status of Kindergarten Heroes:

That's over at Fox, I'm executive producing. About two, three weeks ago, Carter Blanchard, the screenwriter, handed in a new draft of it, so that's just up to Fox now. That's going to be interesting, because my stuff is generally R-rated, and I do love the idea of mixing it up a little. I love Quentin Tarantino, but I love Steven Spielberg, as well. So I love the idea of something like Starlight, or Chrononauts, something that's a big family-friendly adventure, and Kindergarten Heroes would be the most overt of those. I've got all these children, and I can never take them to any of my movies, I feel terrible, I feel like the worst dad in the world! [Laughs] At least with Kindergarten Heroes, they could probably play parts in the movie, you know?

Millar has been on a roll with his comic-to-film works, with KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE being one of the better films to come out so far this year (and a total blast at that), so it's cool to hear that some of his other properties are making their way to the big screen. Out of all of his upcoming adaptations, I think CHRONONAUTS has the most potential as the comic is outrageously fun and ripe as hell for a big screen transition. If you haven't read the comic, I highly recommend it.

What project of Millar's would YOU like to see hit the big screen next?

KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE hits blu-ray/DVD on June 9, 2015. Preorder HERE!

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