Exclusive: Matthew Vaughn shares details on Kingsman 2 and Kick Ass 3

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Matthew Vaughn is a director that everybody wants to see do amazing things. From his underrated work on STARDUST and LAYER CAKE to his kick ass work on, well, KICK-ASS and X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, Vaughn has shown he has a distinct flair for visual awesomeness that has linked him from everything including a STAR WARS movie to sequels to his existing work.

In anticipation for the release of KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE this Friday, our very own Eric Walkuski sat down with the filmmaker to learn some intriguing tidbits about projects we all want to know about.

When asked if KICK-ASS 3 is coming:

Do you know what's going to be next if I do it… we've finished plotting it. What we have to do is, we've got to do the FIRST CLASS to the KICK-ASS world. We lost a few fans on Kick-Ass 2. It wasn't as loved as one would've hoped. So we have this idea for a Hit Girl prequel. It's a really strong, really simple prequel where I think we can regain the love and the passion. If that happens, I'm pretty sure I can persuade Aaron and Chloe to come back and finish the story of Kick-Ass with Kick-Ass 3.

Is KICK-ASS 3 actively in development?

Mark and I have already plotted Hit Girl. We have to get the script done next. It's so far out there, you have no idea.

Would he be willing to direct KICK-ASS 3?

No, I wouldn't direct. We spoke about it to Gareth Evans a couple of years ago. I'd get someone like that, a really bold, clever director. Most of it is set in the far east.

Here is what he said about Kingsman 2:

I'd love to do a sequel, but it's really up to the public isn't it? We've got some really bold ideas. If you think about it, this is the origin story of Eggsy. Eggsy is now the true modern gentleman spy. So there's a journey we want to put him on. I love the idea of there being none of that training crap, this is the real modern day gentleman spy going off to deal with quite the… (stops himself) Again, there's some really crazy stuff we've got planned. But I can't do it if no one goes to see it.

Gareth Evans for the HIT-GIRL movie is something we have heard before, but how amazing would that be!  The guy responsible for THE RAID in the insane world of KICK-ASS?  I would pay to see that in a heartbeat.  It is also nice to know that Vaughn recognizes where KICK-ASS 2 fell short and what they would need to do to bring the franchise back full circle.  I just hope that fans flock to see KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE and make it a hit so we can see more of the crazy plans Matthew Vaugh and Mark Millar have up their sleeves.

KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE opens this Friday. Look for our full interview with Vaughn later this week!


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