First trailer for Alex Cross with Tyler Perry and Matthew Fox features zero crossdressing

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Tyler Perry has shed the dress and wig to step up as the popular detective of James Patterson’s novels, ALEX CROSS, and now we have the first trailer for the film.  Directed by Rob Cohen (THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS, DRAGONHEART), the film also stars an exceptionally creepy and shredded Matthew Fox, Edward Burns, John C. McGinley, Cicely Tyson, and Jean Reno. 

Grab your trenchcoat and shotgun:

I think the main issue I have with this project is that Tyler Perry just seems miscast.  We’ve covered the Madea jokes already and I’m sure that Perry is just trying to branch out and reach a bigger audience, but following Morgan Freeman’s act (he played Cross in KISS THE GIRLS and ALONG CAME A SPIDER), is no easy task and Perry is nowhere near that level of gravitas.

Aside from that (and that awful CGI explosion), this has promise, due largely to the presence of Matthew Fox, who seems to have transformed himself into this role, which is rare these days.  Oftentimes, a character actor is hired to play the villain role, but getting Fox is an inspired choice.  If nothing else, it seems that this will be yet another film where the bad guy steals the show and I’m strangely okay with that.

What do you guys think?  Can Perry pull this off or will he be overshadowed by Fox?

ALEX CROSS starts making sawed-off shotguns in the basement on October 19, 2012

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