Found Footage 3D trailer tries to have a valid reason for holding the camera

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

found footage 3d

Found footage has run its course for some movie-goers. They've grown tired of a concept that often times seems employed for anyone to make a movie for a low cost, all while stretching their suspension of disbelief as to why anyone is still shooting all this footage as bad shit is happening all around them. 

But what if you could satirize all those problems with the horror sub-genre and turn that into a movie in and of itself? That's what is at the heart of FOUND FOOTAGE 3D, which follows a crew as they set out to make their own found footage horror movie, now in 3D, only to run right smack into the meta idea that the entity of their film has escaped into the real world and now they're in a found footage horror movie of their own. 

Mind blown.

The first trailer for the film looks to be poking fun in all the right spots, while working within the structure of what we know some of these movies to be… But if I were you, I would expect the unexpected, as FOUND FOOTAGE 3D looks like the right approach to subvert everything you know about these flicks. 

FOUND FOOTAGE 3D will world premiere at the Bruce Campbell Horror Film Festival in Chicago on August 20, and then will also play at Fright Fest in London on August 29.


Source: Impeccable Pictures

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