Fox Marvel Characters We Want To See In Deadpool & Wolverine

The end of the Fox/Marvel era is upon us as Deadpool & Wolverine hits theaters soon. What characters from the Fox universe do we want to see?

Last Updated on June 10, 2024

Holy Chimichangas! The Merc with a Mouth is FINALLY teaming up with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine on the big screen in Deadpool & Wolverine. After Jackman retired as Wolverine, we didn’t think we would get a chance to see this happen. Since the trailer reveal, we have seen this film firmly takes place in the current Multiverse Saga that the MCU is going through. With that, we’ll see our heroes cross over with a lot of surprises, and it appears to be the final send-off for much of the Fox Marvel characters and their universe. Here are the characters we want to see show up during the film:

Evan Peters as Quicksilver


Evan Peters’ take on the speedster turned into one of the most fun sections of the later X-Men movies. I still watch him evacuating the X-Mansion set to Sweet Dreams on YouTube every once in a while. It would be great to see him back as the character one last time. We thought we might be getting that when he popped up in WandaVision, but it turns out it was just a long game set up for a boner joke. He could use a proper send-off, and if somehow they can get Aaron Taylor-Johnson to put on the spandex once again, even better. Have the characters meet from one of the most confusing character rights issues when all this superhero movie stuff began.

daredevil 2003 Ben Affleck Fox Marvel Characters We Want To See In Deadpool & Wolverine


This one could be a reality as apparently Ben Affleck was spotted on the set of the film. While most would deride this version of the character, I think it’s time for most fans to go back and give the film another shot. Make sure you watch the Director’s Cut of the film as it adds back in more character development. This helped give the characters more depth, but we still had to deal with that ridiculous flirtatious fight between Matt and Elektra on a playground. With Jennifer Garner already confirmed for the film, let’s get a reunion for them. We never got to see these Fox Marvel characters have closure.

Jamie Chung as Blink

Now, many might be asking why this character since she was a “blink” and you’ll miss it cameo in Days Of Future Past. Pun intended. The version I’m actually talking about is from the Fox TV series The Gifted, which most X fans skipped. The show was surprisingly decent, and Jamie Chung played the character fantastically. It would be excellent for the character to get some recognition in the actual films finally. Having Deadpool & Wolverine at least acknowledge the show would be great.

Anna Paquin As Rogue Fox Marvel Characters We Want To See In Deadpool & Wolverine


Rogue was our entry point into the story in the original X films. We followed her as she learned about how the world of mutants worked. During the first few films, her friendship with Wolverine is what really bonded her with the rest of the team. He was ready to walk out on the group until he promised her he’d stay if she would. We need to see these two on screen together again to remind us that if the Fox Marvel films are really over, then we need to go back to the beginning and pay respects.


This is more of a “never was,” but finally seeing Channing Tatum play the card-throwing mutant would be fun. I personally don’t think we needed a full movie of the character, especially with Tatum in the role. A cameo, nodding to the unmade film, would be fun. Even having Deadpool roast the idea would make it even better. I guess Taylor Kitsch’s version would be alright too, but he was sort of a forgettable character in a movie that most of the cast are trying to forget as it is. Let Deadpool & Wolverine show fans what could have been.

Chris Evans, Human Torch, Fantastic Four Fox Marvel Characters We Want To See In Deadpool & Wolverine

The Human Torch

While everyone hopes Chris Evans will return as Steve Rogers someday, many of us would be happy to see him flame on once again. His version of the character was a close take on the comic version. He made lots of smart-alec comments and did what he could to play pranks on The Thing. It would be great to see him get to play in that arena again, and with a new Fantastic Four gearing up, why not bring him back? You could easily build a giant fake out where most think that it’s Steve Rogers, but it turns out to be the juvenile Johnny Storm. An opportunity too good to pass up.

Fox Marvel Characters We Want To See In Deadpool & Wolverine


Actor Dafne Keen has said that her character of Laura would not be returning for a cameo in the film, but Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire also said they weren’t in Spider-Man: No Way Home. We could use a good follow-up to see what happened to the little girl Wolverine gave his life to protect in Logan. Has she become the person he hoped she would? The fans need to know! Show us Marvel!


As a villian, Magneto was one of the best through all the iterations of the X-Men movies. While it would be great to see Ian McKellen don the helmet once again, he is currently 85. So, having him running around with a bunch of other superheroes might not work. Although he was always pretty stoic. Getting Michael Fassbender, though, might work out better. His anger inside of the character always made him much more sympathetic. I would love to see him at least one more time.

Roger Corman Fantastic Four

I know, I know. I’m not sure if this is even possible. But imagine seeing the original cast reunite for this film. Marvel hated the movie and did everything they could to bury it. Now could be the time to heal those wounds and finally give them the love they need. If they were to appear, they should only be presented with the same kind of effects they used in the film. In the middle of what is sure to be a CGIfest, we get a Thing in a practical suit, which always looked better than any of the other versions, in my opinion, and a Mr. Fantastic with a long plastic arm being used to hit foes. If there is any movie where this would play perfectly, it’s in Deadpool & Wolverine. Seriously, this needs to happen!

Professor X

Rumors have already swirled that Patrick Stewart will return as the classic character, but why stop there? Get James McAvoy on the phone and get him back into a bald cap as well. Cassandra Nova is the film’s villain, and with her deep connection to Charles Xavier (I won’t spoil that here), we need as many of them as we can get. Plus, in the first Deadpool, when Colossus mentions taking him to talk to the Professor, he asks, “Stewart or McAvoy? These timelines are confusing.” This could perfectly pay off that joke where he finally gets to talk to both of them. It’s easily a win-win.

Which Fox Marvel characters do you hope to see in Deadpool & Wolverine? Let us know in the comments.

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