Fuller House: Candace Cameron Bure wants to do a sixth season

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

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Candace Cameron Bure is making it clear that she and the rest of the cast of Fuller House are still hoping to do a sixth season of the popular Netflix series. 

Fuller House, while extremely popular on the streaming service, ended its five-year run in May 2020 with an ending that was mostly satisfying for fans. Despite the show coming to a close, there is still a desire to see more of the extended Tanner clan and that desire has only grown since plans for the sixth season were made public.

For Fuller House Candace Cameron Bure served as a producer on the show and she shared that the cast and crew were expecting Netflix to order a sixth season of the series. The plan was that the sixth season would properly end the Full House spin-off with the extra year and this would allow them to focus on the kids with DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy all married and living in the same house. Bure also revealed that they intentionally underutilized Stephanie's new baby, Danielle, in season 5, wanting to more prominently feature her in season six. While there are no current plans to move forward with another season of Fuller House, Cameron-Bure spoke to "US Weekly" and said it's still something that she is game to do:

"We would absolutely love it if we could because I think there are so many fun stories to tell with the Fuller House gang. The fifth season premiered this year. So, people are still watching the show that aren’t caught up on Netflix. I still receive daily messages five months later that they’re like, ‘What’s happening with season 6?' There’s just so much more there. So, who knows? We can only, you know, cross our fingers and hope that the people who control it would allow us to do it.”

The final season of Fuller House saw the whole gang deciding to still live together in the Tanner family home after Kimmy and Stephanie initially wanted to move out with their respective families. It was also revealed that Stephanie with pregnant which meant that Danielle was soon to be a big sister. The big plan for the sixth season was to mirror Full House as the adult cast members had finally sorted out their lives and the focus was then going to shift to the kids. 

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Source: US Weekly

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