Green, Hodder, Harris, Todd, Moseley, and Haig to have a Scary Sleepover

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Scary Sleepover Arwen Adam Green

If you haven't watched HATCHET / FROZEN director Adam Green's web series Scary Sleepover yet, I highly recommend that you do so. Currently consisting of twenty-eight episodes released over two seasons, the show is very entertaining, interesting, and often emotional, offering viewers a glimpse at a different side of our horror icons.

Filmmaker Adam Green hosts a slumber party with a different celebrity guest each week and brings you the genre’s biggest stars as you’ve never seen them before… in their pajamas.  Roll out a sleeping bag, eat junk food, play games, listen to stories, watch movies, and share some laughs as Green uncovers just what scares the artists who scare you for their living.  Directed by Sean Becker (THE GUILD, HOLLISTON).

Guests over the years have included directors (Tom Holland, Darren Lynn Bousman, Neil Marshall, Ti West, Lucky McKee), writers (Todd Farmer, Jeffrey Reddick), actors (Tiffany Shepis, Derek Mears, Laura Ortiz, Zach Galligan, Emma Bell, Felissa Rose, Brea Grant, Kristina Klebe, Clare Kramer), rock stars (Slash, Dee Snider), and of course Joe Lynch. 

Although it's not clear if there will be a proper third season, Green has made an exciting announcement about the future of Scary Sleepover: six months out from Christmas, he has already revealed that there will be a Christmas Special this year. If you're familiar with Adam Green, you'll know that his love for the Christmas season ranks right up there with his love for horror and Halloween, so this special should be a treat.

The special is so special that Green hasn't invited just one guest over for this one. There are going to be five guests at this sleepover, all actors who have previously gotten their own episodes. Here's how Green described it when sharing the trailer: 

Behold the trailer for SCARY SLEEPOVER "The Christmas Special" starring Kane Hodder, Danielle Harris, Tony Todd, Bill Moseley, and Sid Haig! With ALL of us having Christmas dinner and a slumber party together at the same time it will be the biggest episode of SLEEPOVER that we've ever done. So you better watch out! Premieres Friday December 15, 2017 on 

This should be nice to watch right in between my annual viewings of CHRISTMAS VACATION and A CHRISTMAS STORY.

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