Happy Death Day 3: Director teases news might be coming soon for third film

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

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Happy Death Day franchise director Christopher Landon is teasing that there might be news about a third installment happening in the distant future Landon has planned this story as a trilogy but the lower than expected box office returns for the second film stalled any development on a third installment. Now that streaming has become a more attractive option in the last year, the prospects for Happy Death Day 3 have been much more bright.

Landon responded to a fan's question on Twitter about there being any updates on Happy Death 3 and the director provided a positive tease that the film can still happen. He also said that there might be some news in the distant future but he's not sure when this potential announcement will come. You can check out the Twitter exchange below!

Even though Happy Death Day 3 hasn't officially been announced, Landon has made it clear that he knows where the story is headed. Happy Death Day 2U included a post-credits scene that teased where things will go next and he has also said the third film could take place well after the last two films since it doesn't continue the hook of taking place on the same day. Blumhouse Pictures head honcho, Jason Blum, has also expressed interest in continuing the franchise.

Released in 2017, Happy Death Day became a surprise success when it grossed $55.6 million at the domestic box office and $125.4 million worldwide, all on a $4.8 million budget. Happy Death Day 2U came in 2019 but it proved to be less successful, pulling in $28.1 million domestically and $64.6 million globally Despite diminishing returns, the sequel still pulled a profit thanks to its mere $9 million budget.

Happy Death Day followed a college student named Tree (Jessica Rothe) who must relive the day of her murder over and over again, in a loop that will end only when she discovers the killer's identity. On top of being a box office hit, Happy Death Day also scored with critics, landing a 71% fresh rating on Rotten TomatoesHappy Death Day 2U, which leaned more on its comedic elements with a touch more sci-fi, once again follows Tree who is accidentally transported to another dimension, where she must relive a different version of the same day repeatedly as she tries to return home, while a new killer is on the loose. Even though the film didn't earn as much at the box office, critics still found the sequel solid with a 70% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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